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Earthenware bottle

5 l canister

Our best olive oil almost directly from the olive into the canister with an nozzle for easy transferring.

750 ml bottle

The pleasant, handy bottle for everyday use. For everyone who doesn’t (yet) dare to use the 5 L canister.

Aceto Balsamico


CondiAroma 33 Oro

The Gold Reserve vinegar has a slightly sweet taste and the characteristic dark brown color. A natural and fat-free product, fragrant and with pleasant aromatic notes.

CondiAroma33 Argento

With a typical sweet and sour taste and a fragrant vinegar smell. Aromatic and pleasant, it is a 100% natural product.



Almond cream

The sweet, spreadable almond cream, or crema di mandorla, is made only from Sicilian almonds. It is ideal for a sweet breakfast or snack.

Pistachio cream

We expressly warn before you purchase this wonderful pistachio cream! Buy at your own risk, as it is very addicting! We warned you!

Salted capers

Hand-picked capers and preserved in salt according to old Sicilian tradition. Essential for many sauces.

Green olive pate

Green olive patè is a delight for the palate. Must not be missing on any cheese platter.

Abbrucia Pesto ro’vuccano

Ro’Vuccano pesto is a Sicilian hand-made pesto with a spicy taste. Those who like it spicy will love this pesto.

Pesto Siciliano

A classic of the Sicilian culinary tradition. This pesto is a versatile paste full of flavor.

Pesto Pistacchio

Pistachio pesto, the finest pesto of all. Once you’ve tasted it, you don’t want anything else.

Artichoke Patè

Artichoke pâté is a delight for the palate for those who love this vegetable that is rich in taste, properties and benefits.


Caffè autentico



Cremador stands for balance because it mixes Arabica and the finest Robusta varieties from the best growing areas around the world. They give body and result in a mix of very high quality.


Thanks to the mixture of carefully selected and exclusive varieties, Harem is a mixture that gives the palate an intense pleasure and a feeling of well-being and prolonged taste. A café, naturally sweet, that gently caresses the palate even without sugar.



With a blend of the highest quality Arabica coffee and some of the best Robustas in the world, this blend is able to give an intense aroma, a slight sweetness, as tradition demands.


The intense aroma of Deup enables everyone to enjoy the taste of real coffee without caffeine at any time of the day, several times a day.



Not only a fine blend, but also an effective grinding method that protects it from the external environment, while retaining the aroma for a long time, make up this excellent coffee.


The persistence of a unique aroma, together with an unexpected sweetness, are characteristics of this 100% Arabica blend. fruity taste with notes of caramel, nuts and chocolate.



Vesuvio, the blend of Passalacqua coffee for those who never want to go without a real Neapolitan espresso.


Specially developed to suit the taste of consumers who like a sweet coffee, full-bodied, just like in Naples.



A good balance between sweetness and persistence that surrounds the palate with aromas of caramel, almonds and honey. It is no coincidence that it is one of the most popular mixes from the range.


Frutta secca



The almond is the queen of the dried fruits! High in basic nutrients like vitamin E, calcium and magnesium, iron and potassium and many others. The Tuono variety has a sweet and elegant taste.


If the almond is the queen, then the pistachio is the goddess of dried fruits. And Sicily is the stronghold of this goddess. This noble fruit is as tasty as it is versatile. The green gold.



ACHTUNGAußer Saison

Mandarine Satsuma Miyagawa

A seedless citrus fruit with a sour taste resulting from the cross between a Pomplemo and a Clementine. Excellent to be consumed both at the table and as a juice.

Clementine Primosole

A cross between Miyagawa and classic mandarin and inherit the sweet taste from the latter. The flesh is orange and seedless. Excellent for table and juice.

Limone Verdello

The Verdello lemon can be recognized by the characteristic intense green color of its skin.

ACHTUNGAußer Saison

Limone Primofiore

The 100% Sicilian Primofiore Feminello lemon of the first flower is the classic “yellow” lemon and is characterized by a high juice content and the wealth of oil glands in the peel as well as the high quality of the essential oils.


Pomegranate Wonderful

Wonderfully fresh pomegranate of the best quality. Large caliber with a sweet and sour taste. Ideal for juices.

Pink Grapefruit

Star Ruby Pink Grapefruit is a citrus fruit, rich in fiber, vitamins and a very juicy pulp. Properties that give the palate a sour, bitter and sweet taste.


Orange Tarocco to eat

The queen of the Sicilian blood oranges Tarocco Gallo, medium / large with red streaked flesh, easy to eat and easy to peel thanks to the medium thickness of the very light skin. The most valuable and popular variety in the world.

ACHTUNGAußer Saison

Orange Tarocco to drink

Tarocco oranges small caliber, seedless and very juicy pulp, suitable for juices. Ripens in early January, and in some areas even in late December.


Orange Navel to eat

An untreated product with an edible skin.
The Sicilian oranges of the Navelina variety are a variety of orange with a twin fruit in the peel, undeveloped and located on the apical pole opposite the stem. Ripens in early November.

Orange Navel to drink

Small size umbilical oranges, seedless and very juicy pulp, suitable for juices. Ripens in early November and in some areas even in late October.


ACHTUNGAußer Saison


Mandarin is the only sweet fruit in the citrus family. The wedges are small and juicy with light orange flesh. The peel of the mandarins is thin and easy to remove, light orange and very fragrant.

ACHTUNGAußer Saison

Clementine Nova

The Clementine Nova is a tangerine variety, a hybrid between Clementine Comune and Tangelo Orlando. Although it is similar to the tangerine, there are differences in color and shape: not flattened like tangerines, but always well rounded.


Citrus mix

Depending on the season, we put together an assortment of fruits for you. In the next few weeks we will be offering you Lemon Verdello, Clementine Primosole and Arance Navel.



NEUBald verfügbar


A mixture suitable for halibut, shrimp or lobster. But just as suitable for pork or poultry dishes.

NEUBald verfügbar


Are you looking for a dish that goes with your Merlot? You can use this mixture to prepare it.

NEUBald verfügbar

Green Valtellina-Mix

The spice mix to match your wine. Suitable for fish and meat, for cooking and frying.

NEUBald verfügbar


Are you looking for a dish that goes with your Syrah? You can use this mixture to prepare it.

NEUBald verfügbar


A sweet-tart but also herbaceous spice. Especially suitable with salmon, tuna, poultry, lentils, pumpkin but also with sweet potatoes.

NEUBald verfügbar

Cabernet Sauvignon-Mix

For this Cabernet Sauvignon blend, you’d better get the steaks out of the fridge. A dark tart mixture.

NEUBald verfügbar

Sauvignon Blanc-Mix

Do you love fish? Do you love Sauvignon Blanc? Then this mixture is just right for you!

NEUBald verfügbar

Pinot Noir-Mix

For this Cabernet Sauvignon blend, you’d better get the steaks out of the fridge. A dark tart mixture.




Gift-Set small

The little Seit intended to get to know the products or as a small gift. Contents: 500 ml olive oil, 100 ml Aceto Oro and a pesto.


Gift-Set medium

The medium set, with even more products from our range. Here too, there is olive oil, vinegar, pesto and spices to taste.


Gift-Set large

The large gift set for the big connoisseurs. Only the finest products are combined in this package.

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