About us

How do you get into trading olive oil? Especially if you don’t have a family in the business and are neither Italian, Spanish or Greek?
This is exactly what I was asked all the time … to make an eventful story short … you get to know an Italian, have children with him and train to become an olive oil sommelier during pregnancy … from then on you only want the best oil. First for the family, then for friends and then friends-friends and suddenly you are dealing in olive oil. The gold of Sicily.

And as luck would have it, you get to know the right people at the right time and also someone who produces exactly what you need … the best oil that I have been able to test so far …

From Sicily where you can taste every ray of sunshine in the olives … where it has been processed with attention to detail. An oil that you would like to drink straight … which some do too.

… from olive oil it was only a small step to the many other good products that Sicily, Italy and the rest of the world has to offer.

Ing. Daniela Sternad, MSc

Founder of Sapi Bellu &
Olive oil sommelier

Marco Muzzi

Purchase & Sales

Stylianos Stavridis, BSc

Wine sommelier

About our producers

We value our producers and maintain constant contact with them. We mostly know their families and we know how important their products are to them as well as their families. Because if something is important in Sicily, it’s family and food. You don’t just buy their products from them, you take part of their family and their history home with you.

And because we maintain this close contact, we too have become part of their family and are proud to be able to pass on their products, which we treat with the same care as they do, to our customers.

Part of our producers are people like Vito Laudicina, an almost 80 year old balsamic vinegar producer who produces his fine wines with full devotion. Or Giuseppe Larosa, who supplies us with his wonderful citrus fruits straight from the tree. And then there are the many people at the S. Pelegrino Cooperative who ensure that the best olive oil is delivered to us immediately after production.

We consider ourselves lucky to know these people and to represent their products. Because appreciation can be tasted. With every sip and with every bite.

Buon appetito!

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If you need more information about the products, want to order more straight away or just want to know when your delivery will arrive, then simply contact us. We’re here to help.